Works from the Sacred Places series make reference to the Cenote Sagrado, or Well of Sacrifices, located in Chichen Itza, which was used exclusively for ceremonies. Offerings in gold, copal and pottery, were recovered from the bottom of the Sacred Cenote, and included objects worn by virgins thrown alive into the waters of the Cenote in homage to the gods. Inspired by this sacred place, my geologic abstraction, titled El Cenote, is meant to be a vessel and place for contemplation. The manipulated sake bottle form placed in waiting on the ledge is a symbol of personal sacrifice. During 2007, the sake bottle forms were excluded from the newer pieces, and they no longer emphasized personal sacrifice as a narrative. Although the new sculptures are related to the Cenote Sagrado, they incorporate references to other special places of natural elemental energy. My goal is to empower these objects and communicate to the viewer what I reflect on as the essence of my personal experiences at these sacred or special places.