Luis Bermudez (b. 1953) investigates the mythic and ceremonial in sculptural works that bridge the ancient and contemporary through landscape and symbolism. For over two decades, he has explored a wide variety of forms, including the vessel, architectural elements, installation work, and the large-scale abstract architectonic ceramic sculptures he is best known for. It has been observed that his sculpture often communicates a generic pre-Columbian presence, which he attributes to genetic memory. Both conscious and unconscious memories are often incorporated in his work.

Since the early 1980s, Bermudez has used ceramics and mixed media to explore and communicate elemental phenomena and forces as metaphors for life. Many of his works have focused on the cycle of life and death, through visual imagery of presence and absence depicted as positive and negative space.

Bermudez uses the medium of ceramics for its innate earthly qualities, which resonate with his own optimism in communicating the power of the natural world in relation to the human experience.

“I come to my work, impelled to give tangible presence to the episodes in my life of peculiar intensity — the ones that announce their transcendence, and touch the common core of human experience.” – Luis Bermudez