Artist Statement

Sobre la Vida is an installation Ňabout lifeÓ. Architectural sculptures are built into the walls and large-scale mixed media sculptures are installed both inside and outside the room. This installation focuses on relationships, points of view, and ideas connected to memory, altogether comprising the puzzle of life. El Portal de la Memoria provides a ghost-like entryway into the room. El Pesado, the heavy headed one, is positioned outside the room as a guardian viewing and protecting the doorway. These two works are connected by their formal and material relationship, and the concept of memory depicted as positive and negative space similar to a puzzle. La Ventana del Sol is a bright sun window positioned to give life to El Arbol de las Monta–as, a mixed media tree of mountains resembling a tiered puzzle installed within the room. The portal, guardian and tree all share a similar juxtaposition of heavy ceramic masses suspended on light open and airy steel structures that are reminiscent of memory. La Cueva del Travieso is a cave-like freckle-faced mischievous head installed into the wall providing a peephole aimed at La Luna de Yo Yo, which is suspended inside the room. The moon controls the tides that go up and down, possibly influences our emotions, and provides an important metaphorical element about relationships.