Artist Statement

Recuerdos de los Elementos invites the viewer to pass through the Portal to observe abstract sculptural interpretations of my childhood memories of summers spent on my family’s ranch, known as “El Pino”, located in Los Altos in Jalisco, Mexico. Each of the sculptures is influenced by elemental forces and their relationship to human existence. La Luna reflects my memory of observing the phases of the moon during each of my three-month visits, combined with my research that revealed the phase of the moon on the day that I was born. El Relámpago recalls the danger and exposure experienced while horseback riding in the mountains and being startled by a summer lightning storm. El Rió represents the five rivers that cross the ranch, especially the river that supplied the dam and provided the water that we depended on. El Sol is an abstract representation of the harshness and relentlessness of the sun that along with the rain insured successful crops.