Artist Statement

La Caja del Pino Grande (Para Apolinario) is an installation that is dedicated to my late father, Apolinario Bermudez. Architectural sculptures, specifically a passageway, a window and a peephole are built into the walls of the room containing a large-scale geometric landscape. The installation is intended to be viewed from different vantage points both inside and outside the room. Mirando con Pepito is similar to a partially closed lens that requires the viewer to crouch down to view inside the room at only a partial view of the landscape, revealing the limited perspective of a voyeur. Ventana del Cielo is a sky-blue window resembling an open lens that allows the participant to view the entire inside of the room. El Portal is a challenging entryway that resembles an abstract embryo and provides the only access to the inside of the room. La Caja del Pino Grande is reminiscent of a decomposing sarcophagus with a lid resembling a landscape. The sculpture sits in waiting within a space that is inspired by the tomb shafts in Western Mexico. This installation is intended to evoke questions of passage: death, rebirth, and to explore the range of perspectives that we might choose to engage these thoughts.